Gayle C. Gamber

Gamber, Gayle C.

Even though we had not ween each other for a few years, I was so glad we hooked back up via Facebook and were able to visit again. It was too short but I will always be thankful. We had such a good time working for your Mom's answering service all those years ago, and the Christmas parties at her house what a blast...I will never forget you or your Mom. R.I.P. Love and will miss you both.
Thank you for being a part of my life! I'll miss our little talks out on the hot tub room, the only place where we could talk in private. I admired your cooking and sense of humor, you fitted right in with us Nelson's. One day, we'll see each other again, God Bless you and all who have affected with your passing. Love ya!!!
Gayle, you are such aan amazing person. I am glad my Grandpa Bill found someone like you. You are and will be dearly missed. Fly pain free, our sweet, sweet angel. <3
We are so sorry for your loss. She was much too young to go so soon. If there is anything we can do, please let us know. Love you lots.
Gayle I love you more than ever, We shared many good times. You felt more like my sister then my friend, Be happy I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Love you bunches.