Whitney Wetherill Vosika

Vosika, Whitney Wetherill

My heart & prayers are with all of you at this time!
My very deepest condolences to the family. My heart breaks for all of you. Whitney was a beautiful soul and I know she loved each and every one of you. My prayers are with you as you move through this very difficult time.I love you Whitney....soar with the angels!

My heart and prayers go out to Whitney's family. It is so hard to understand why God chooses to take some so young but we must have faith in his plan and trust in the Lord. Some day we will understand the big picture. Please give Annie a big hug for me and tell her that her mom now has her beautiful heavenly wings but that she will always be just a thought away. God
Bless you all.
Nick and Family.
My prayers are with you and your family as you move through this very difficult time.
To Whitney's family and friends, words cannot adequately express the overwhelming heartbreak you must be feeling at Whitney's passing. The Lewis family loved and cherished Whitney as our beautiful niece who became such a wonderful, vibrant young woman, wife, and loving mother to her three young children. Her passing will leave an enormous void for all her loved ones. She will remain in our hearts and memory forever as a beautiful soul.
Whitney and Family,

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. I can only imagine the heartbreak your small children are now enduring.

I have special memories of you as a little girl; so full of life and adventure. I remember you as a free spirit with little to no worries. You loved being outside, in nature, and playing with your little friends in the neighborhood.

Jackie and I would fawn over you any chance we had. I will always remember you as the spindly wide eyed girl with a fire for adventure.

I loved you dearly and I'm heartbroken to hear of this tradgedy.

All my love,

Cousin Jenny
My deepest sympathy to Whitney's family. Although I did not know Whitney personally, she helped a friend of mine out in a time of need gifting her many household items for her home at no charge. This will never be forgotten. I am sure this was the kid hearted person she was all through her life. My sincerest apologies.
A loss is never easy. Thank god she went peacefully. Your family is in my payers. I know I didn't know her personally, but she helped me a stranger when I had nothing moving into my new home. She provided me then the things I needed to start life on my own and I'm forever grateful. I'm sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful woman. Thank you for your time on earth.
Dear Lewis, Stout, Vosica family members, and friends of Whitney,

I am Whitney's Uncle Richard and I live near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where my wife Jakie and I retired two years ago. Thank you for allowing me a few minutes to share my fond memories of Whitney.

I am sorry we cannot be with you at today's Celebration of Whitney's life because of retirement financial constraints and because I'm recovering from a Lyme disease infection. The fact that Jakie and I am not able to be present in no way diminishes our love for Whitney, nor our respect for the fine young woman she grew to be.

We met Whitney for the first time in Jan 1983 when she was about two months old.....she was the cutest little blue eyed blond baby.

Over the years we saw Whitney frequently at family reunions in Michigan, Montana, and elsewhere and also when she visited our family on the East coast during the time she attended private school in Pennsylvania.

In these early days we observed that she was a very smart, independent, energetic and also strong willed child who frequently "tested" the boundaries set for her by her parents, by other adults, by her school, and by society.

At one point Jakie and I offered to bring her into our family where we would become her Guardians and raise her alongside our two daughters through college to adulthood. But Whitney decided the "fit wasn't right" for her and we respected her decision.

When Whitney moved back to Wyoming and became pregnant my wife Jakie and I had many long talks by phone with her about her baby and about her future. She was adamant that she wanted to keep the baby and that's what she did..........and what a wonderful child she had in Annie.

About this time Whitney sent us photos of she and her new boyfriend Nick together attending Denver Bronco football games. We were very hopeful that Nick would be a good influence in her life......and our prayers were answered when Whitney and Nick married in Jackson Hole in 2008.

Since that time we've kept up monthly communications with Whitney by phone, by email, and through Facebook. We watched her give birth to two more wonderful children and talked to her frequently when she was undergoing her Thyroid Cancer treatments.

I last talked to Whitney when she called me in August after my mother, her Nana, passed away. She confided in me that she regretted many of the actions and behaviors of her youth but that she was proud that she had changed greatly from when I knew her as a child and a teenager, It was during this call when I realized that over the past few years Whitney had really come into her own as a loving wife and a responsible mother and that she now could calmly and responsibly tackle any problem that life threw at her since because she had beaten Cancer. It was a wonderful conversation.

So to Whitney Jakie and I say, "Whitney please know that you are, and were a very loved and appreciated person when you were here with us on earth. Our remembrances of you are loving and wonderful. You will live forever in our hearts and your love will be reflected to us every day through Nick, Annie, Beckett and Karsyn."

And to the family and friends who gathered today to honor Whitney.....Jakie and I grieve deeply with you over our mutual loss of a wonderful young woman.

Thank you.

Very sorry to hear the world lost Whitney. I met Whitney at Victor Elementary and we were friends through high school graduation. I remember her being the must fun and daring person and pushing me at a young age to do things that were out of my comfort zone that made me a better person. Whitney was always so caring to animals and such a lover of the outdoors.
I send best wishes to her husband and children at this difficult time. I can't imagine what you are going through but am confident Whitney had a circle around her ready and willing to help those she left behind handle the loss.
Thinking of you at this time.
Liza (Berry) Leonard
I find it touching that only a week before I learned of her passing I was thinking of Whitney. I had been unaware of her struggles and I am sorry for your loss. Whitney was always such a thoughtful and fun person to be around and through our school years together I always enjoyed her company and thought provoking questions and statements. My heart and prayers go out to you all as you adjust, may she always be in your hearts and memories.