Winfield, Darrell

Darrell was a wonderful person and will be missed by many. He was so proud of his children and grandchildren, will never forget the pride in his eyes when one of the young ones would come riding up on a horse with a smile on their face.

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Happy Trails Darrell.
Darrell was loved by everyone who met him and will be greatly missed by all. I always felt blessed to be included in what has to be the biggest, happiest family on earth! He will never be forgotten!
My sincerest condolences for your loss. I have memories of visiting you all in Riverton and love hearing the stories from my Father (Carl Luna) and Mother (Karen Luna) of time spent with Darrel and Lennie.

Cynthia Luna
Daughter of Carl & Karen Luna
Scottsdale Arizona formally of Riverton Wyoming
Our thoughts and prayers to out to the entire Winfield family. My parents truly enjoyed his visits as well as my in laws. He will be truly missed by all and was larger than life. Our best to the entire Winfield Family from Paicines, California and the Kirby and Strohn families.

God Bless

Richard and I are sending our condolences and prayers to your family
at this time of sorrow.Our hearts go out to all the family.
So sorry to hear about the loss of your father and grandson. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Clay was a delight to have in my classroom when I would sub in middle school. He always made my day.

Love and prayers

Andi mclean
Our Deepest Condolences to you all-I feel truely blessed to have known such an amazing, talented and caring person as Darrell. He was admired by many,respected by all and will be missed greatly!! Love to you all- Bart, Shannon, Morgan and Kaden Sanderson
please accept my and our sympathy and condolences for the loss of Darrell. He was an extremely magnificent, wonderful and loving, caring person of all time. Lenny I let Roger Swisher know and he feels extremely sad by your loss of Darrell and your great grandson, Clay, he sends his sympathy and love to you all. May God Bless you each and everyone and give you the peace and comfort you need at this sorrowful time. Love, Jeannie Portlock, Karla and Dave Borders and Tina and Jesse Pugh.
My family send our deepest condolences to your family, at this sorrowful time. God Bless the Winfield family.
Warmest thoughts to your family during this time. Comfort and peace be with you.
My sincere condolences to all family and friends. His well lived life will always be an inspiration and he leaves behind a wonderful legacy of family to fill his boots. God Bless!
I was so saddened to hear of his passing. He was a great man & I'm so glad I got to see him in 2012 when I came to visit. He was always so sweet & ornery, JUST like a Winfield!
He will always be my Hero and My Friend. I look forward to our next cup of coffee. Enjoy your journey My Friend...
Sad day for the whole family and those folks who had the honor to know Darrell. I will miss his quick smile and humor, and I know John will miss sharing stories about breaking horses. Sincere condolences to his beautiful family
Everyone who knew your dad has lost a great man. He was definitely one of a kind and my heart breaks for all of you. Our prayers and love are with you all.
A great man and true friend. I enjoyed the sweats and coffee at the office.
Thoughts and prayers to the entire Winfield family. Darrell was a wonderful man and will be remembered always.



I am so sorry for your loss. Although I never met Mr. Winfield in person I was a fan of his. As a cowboy and horse obsessed child my room was filled with clippings of my favorite Marlboro Man. Those pictures always brought me a lot of happiness.
May God bless your family during this difficult time.
In my thoughts and prayers.
would have loved to met you..I am your Oklahoma 4th cousin!

Arnold Winfield I live in Tulsa ok.
my deepest sympathy to everyone.....
We are so sorry to hear of Darrell's passing. Our thoughts are with you and memories remain of being neighbors for all those years.
My condolences to the Winfield family, Darrell was a great man though I have only had a passing relationship with the man he left an impression. I wish you and your family the best and know that he will never be forgotten.
To each and everyone of the Winfield family,
Darrell will be greatly missed. His friendship through the years is irrepacable. We will always cherish the times spent sharing stories, jokes and memories. It is truly hard to find words that express our feelings for your loss. Just know that you have been thought of often these past few days. We are looking forward to seeing you at the celebration of his life.
Warm regards.
We would like to send our regards to whole family. He was a great man. He will be greatly missed by the cowboy world. One of the last of a dying breed.

Rob and Melva Post
There are but few men that touch each person they meet. Darrell was one. He opened doors for me and I am sure that the list is long. As he walks on now there is a void in what is, that will never be filled.
We are truly, truly so for your loss. May the GOOD LORD comfort you all in these times of sorrow.

Glenda Van Patten
Donny and Tammy Sell
My deepest sympathy to a family who helped me grow up and gave me many fond memories. Mr. Winfield wasn't just a model for Marlboro, he was a model cowboy. God has a real hand up there now.

Kenny called to let us know about Darrell and your great grandson. Can't express how sorry we are for your losses.
It was wonderful seeing you at Jackie's service and I can't believe this has happened so soon after.
Thank you and your girls for all the things you took care of for Kenny. I wish we could be there for you all at this difficult time.

Our love to you and your wonderful family.

Jodey and Rene Lane
Winfield Family,
In years past, I have lost a few good neighbors and truly honest good friends. But,now we are talking and reminiscing about Darrell Winfield, who is a legend in his own time. He has accomplished so many great things in his life and I believe that the greatest accomplishment Darrell and Lennie did was raise a very strong family. With the families strength, that in it's self, will bring comfort.

So sorry for loss ...I have so many memories of this great man...and yes he was the biggest tease I've ever known.. yeah my dad and Darrell are riding the best horses there is now in peace Darrell
Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.
Dear Lennie and the Winfield family,

I am unable to express how deeply saddened I am after hearing the passing of my dear friend.

Reading his obituary brings back so many memories my family and I had with the Winfield family beginning in 1969 and the wonderful friendship I personally had with Darrel that I shall never forget.

The Swisher family are joining the Winfield family in grieving of your lose and our lose of a dear friend. We shall never forget him or the wonderful Winfield family he so sadly leaves behind.
I think my Dad said it best. What great friends the Winfields have been to us over the years.
So many memories flood my mind. Darrell will be missed by his family and friends.
My heart goes out to the entire Winfield family.

Donald and Sandy (Swisher) Potter
Dear Winfeild Family,
I'm very sorry for your loss. I didn't know Darrell personally, but I did know some of his children from school. They were 'characters' back then, so they come by it right! I hope in time the pain will be replaced by all of your fond memories of Him. Sincerely, Jana Wenz Bloxham
We have the entire Winfield family in our thoughts and prayers. You have lost a man whose loyalty and dedication to his family and friends are unmatched in this world. He was the best.
Prayers & condolences to Mr. Winfield's Family, relatives & close friends on the death of Darrell Winfield of Riverton, Wyoming. May Darrell Winfield Rest In Peace. I & my family will always have great memories of Darrell Winfield for the Wonderful Advertizing that was done with this talented man. Thank you & God Bless You Darrell Winfield. Your family & relatives must be so proud of your lifetime accomplishments. I am honored. First time I saw Darrell Winfield was when I was a child, my father an advertizing executive with then Clinton E. Frank worked on the Phillip Morris Account as well as working directly with Darrell Winfield. I also grew up seeing his advertisements in all types of media - television, print, radio, billboards as well as special spectator events. He was an amazing man. Thank you Darrel Winfield. May You Always Rest In God's Loving Arms. Amen.

Our Thoughts & Prayers are with you & Your Family on Your Loss - Always.

Donald E. Rutz, Sr., Laura Ann Rutz Sloan & her Family, Donald E. Rutz, Jr., & his Family, The Clinton E. Frank Advertising Agency as Well As Clinton E. Frank Family and many others in the Advertising Agency World.
I am so sorry for your and your family's loss of your wonderful grandfather. Darrell was an amazing man and I loved our photo shoots with him and the time spent together. He was a joy to be with. My prayers are with you at this time. Bless you all.
I am so sorry to hear about the recent loss of your husband and great grandson. Please know that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
" Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories".

I'm sorry to hear of the lost of your father Debi. May you find comfort.
To the family...What a great lost...I'm sure there are pages of his life with so many memories to turn and share with another generation To his legacy. With deep sympathy, Michael & Consuelo ( Connie) Roney
Darrell was a great guy. I remember visiting with him and his family back in the 70's on the ranch in Pinedale. He was good friends with my Dad, Henry Brown at the time and I remember playing with Darrell's son on the ranch. Great times...RIP Darrell we will never forget you!
Loved our times back in the "good Ol days on the Upper Green and the shoots at the O Bar Y and Quarter Circle Five. Always bringing Margie an Shiny new Buckskin w/ a WD on him. We loved his GREAT sense of humor and he was still "just a cowboy even tho he was a world famous face. RIP Darrell you are LEGEND. Say hi to my Dad up there I know you two will be roaring with laughter together.
Debi, Dave, Lennie and families;
Very sorry for the loss of Darrell (and Clay). What a heart break. Think "Grandpa" Darrell didn't want Clay ridin' the trail alone. Be strong, stick together, you will make it through this. Darrell is is not suffering anymore and Clay is not alone. Our hearts go out to everyone.
Sincere Sympathy, care & concern,
Bob & Wendy
I remember you guys well from your Pinedale days. I'm so sorry about Darrel's passing.
I remember you guys well from your Pinedale days. I'm so sorry about Darrell's passing.
Just wanted to let you know that he was a well-liked icon for cowboys to this “city girl”. To me he was what my mind’s eye saw as a true real cowboy. I understand why now...because he was just that.
I also want the family to know he will live on in my thoughts when I read or thinking of the men who lived the western life. His profile is the vision I see now more than ever because I have learned about his life as a rancher and family man. Peace be with his spirit and comfort be with you the family.
Miles and I were so sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad and Grandson. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you .

Miles@ Dawn Holliday
We were very fortunate to have met Darrell. He was a warm, honest, and fascinating horse trader. We bought at least five horses from him. It was always a fun adventure trying out the horses and seeing the varied non equine creatures stomping around the Corrales. We still have one of the old Wells Fargo horses. He will be missed.
May God bless you and your family, I can so remember Darrell and his wonderful family as I was a little girl. Always fond memories, can remember Nancy teaching me how to do the twist. So many years ago. Called my Dad ( Jody Cox ) and told him the sad news. He too had some cute stories to share. May you find comfort in all the lifes he had touched.


Juanita Cox Haggerty
Janet-I am sorry to hear your Dad passed. I know how much you love him and your family. Now he can rest and catch-up with Danny. Thinking of you, always. Much love.

Jeanne Daly
Pendleton, Oregon
Goodbye Darrell, you will be missed by many many people. Condolences to the family.
Family of Darrell Winfield:

I'm very for your loss as Darrell was a great man and actor. I remember him from many years ago when I lived in Riverton. Anyway, He was the best of the best in his profession and will be missed by all.
There are not many events that happen in a young child’s life that can be so vividly remembered that a simple "closing of the eyes" can bring back every detail.

I have one of those memories—it involves a visit to the set of a Marlboro commercial to meet the late Darrell Winfield.

I’m not sure of the year. But what I do remember is my mother telling me that she was going to take me to see The “Marlboro Man” Darrell Winfield later in the night. They were doing a campfire commercial. We drove down highway 279 to the commercial shoot, which I believe is at the present day Gold Bar recreation area, or at the actual boat dock itself.

We got out of the car and were met by a set hand whom my mother knew from before. He said that we would have to be really, really quiet and he could take us down to watch the shoot. My mom knew to be quiet, but I’m 100 percent positive that instruction was for me.

I remember being lead down a gradual decline to the photo shoot below. Sitting around a campfire were four cowboys all dressed in rugged attire. All of them had the look of a long days work upon their attire. The glow of the fire bounced off their faces, revealing all hard planes and angles. The director spoke out “Now, light the cigarette and look to your friend. Give him a nod, a nod that says ‘Good days work’, and then look to your other friend." I was in awe.

My mother was very excited to see this—it was something she had experienced many times in her life and you could tell that it brought her back to those days. She would look at the action, then down to me, just to make sure that I was staying quiet and not interrupting the set.

Soon, the director said “Take a break” and the men all got up. The guy that brought us down to the set quickly went up to Darrell and told him we were waiting out in the darkness. Darrel immediately walked in our direction and gave my mother a hug. He told her that she looked good and that he missed the old days. He then got down on his knee and gave me the biggest smile possible. “How are you doing, Josh?” he asked.
“I’m fine, Marlboro.” I replied. He looked up to my mother with a look of confusion, then he realized that I thought his name was Marlboro. He got a good chuckle out of it and told me to just call him Darrell.

My mother and Darrel exchanged pleasantries, talked about the good old days, and soon he was called back to work. Since I was a young child, my mom knew she had to get me home because I’d reach that “crying” point in the night.

Turns out she was right. I remember crying that I wanted to watch the rest of the shoot, but she told me that we needed to go. I was out cold before we got home.

Later in life, Darrel and his wife sent me a congratulatory card in honor of graduating from high school. I’m pretty sure I still have it somewhere.

From everything I have heard, Darrel Winfield was a hardworking man that valued family and a good days work. I wish I could have met him again, but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

Rest in peace cowboy, you earned it.
Darrell was a one of a kind. I'll never forget my visits with him or his many remedys for horses during my stay there. My thoughts go out to all his family.
We give you our deepest sympathy to you and your family. May God keep you strong and rap his loving arms around you in this time of sorrow.
My heartfelt condolences to Mr Winfield's family; it was sad and yet wonderful to learn about a life so well-lived.
Particularly emotional to read that Darrell never met a stranger, especially as his face was known to hundreds of millions of people across the planet.
Thank you for sharing, and I admire all the humour & bravery in those last two words.
Good man. Sending good thoughts to Brian in the family.
We've all lost a hero, and you are all in our thoughts at this time.
So, so, sorry to hear of Darrell's passing. I think about him and your family often. I have such wonderful memories of my time spent with y'all. Whether it was seeing Darrell in person or when he called to talk to Wesley and I answered the phone, he called me CYRILL-O!! Ha! Ha! Darrell & Wesley traded many hores over the years. A couple of them even became my own personal horse. Laramie & the twins had a goodtime riding and team penning together. Team penning in the evenings and my first time sweating with Darrell & the regulars. Spending Christmas at y'all's house when my mom & dad Frank & Judy were up from Texas. Danny giving me lessons in Reining on my paint mare. Meeting Danny and Janet for a meal and us going to the stock show in Denver. Last time I saw Lennie, Nancy, & Linda was at Laramie's wedding. I have loved ALL my time spent with y'all. I will always be grateful to have known The Winfield's and call you my friends!!!!! GOD BLESS Y'ALL! !!
Cyrilla was (Wiginton) Jentry
He bucked all the odds and lived a great life, a beautiful life, with a genius for friendship. Our love to all the wonderful Winfields. Tony & Holly
Lennie and family,
Words can not describe how sorry I was to hear the news of Darrell's passing. I'm so glad I got to meet him a few times while working for Pete Volz at Leo Burnett. He was always such a gentlemen to me and I'll never forget that. May you all find peace and comfort in your difficult days ahead. We certainly mourn with you. God Bless.
So sorry to hear of Darrell's passing. He will be missed by so many people in this county. He was a great man.
Darrell was a very personable and gracious man. Whenever we visited Janet and Dan we always got to visit with him. He told us stories of his Marlboro Man days and he loved being a cowboy. It was like we had known him all our lives. He will be dearly missed.
Prayers for Darrell's journey and his family. I had the honor to sit & visit with him about our Native American history and culture. I was so impressed with his vast knowledge. He inspired me so much I became an avid reader of history and my own Native culture. I have encouraged my own children to read more instead of letting them watch TV. Thank you Darrell.
My condolences to the Winfield family. I worked with Darrell's brother Buddy (Bud) Winfield from 1972 to 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. Buddy, Darrell's brother, also had a great sense of humor and liked to tease, just as the obituary describes Darrell. The brothers were evidently similar in personality in that regard. Buddy told me that he had a brother who was "the" Marlboro man. Today Darrell's obituary confirmed Bud's claim. May Darrell and Buddy both rest in peace
I will sure miss him.
Very sorry to hear of cousin Darrell's passing, my prayers are with the family. David Winfield, Hanford Ca, 1/16/2015
Our hearts hurt for all of you. Hugs to you Deb and your family for your loses
I was very sorry to hear of the passing of the legendary Marlboro Man, may he rest in peace. My prayers are with his family Patricia Riley Hanford,Ca
Dear Mrs. Winfield and Family;
I was so sorry to hear of Darrell's passing.
It has been quite a few years since I have visited your home. I will always remember the welcome you and Darrell gave all of us who came there to pray in his lodge and to purify in the breath of the Stone People.
I will always remember you and Strong Mountain!
May peace and health be the blessings Grandfather bestows upon all of you!
Mita'kuye Oya'sin

Lennie, With a heavy heart Mike and I would like to send our love and prayers to all of you and your family. Words cannot express how sad we are to hear of Darrell's passing. What a treasure he has been. Always with a smile and kind words every time we met. I will miss seeing him on Marlboro shoots and hearing his laugh.

He will always remain in my heart. We were so privileged to know him.

with love and prayers,

Nancy and Mike Colt
Lennie & family
Our prayers are with you & your family in the loss of Darrell & Clay. I remember the good visits I had with him thru the years, He will be greatly missed by all who knew this great man.
Wayne & Sandi Ransom
Darrell and Lennie were so nice to me whenever I came to visit my great-aunt Dap and great-uncle Seiph. One of the most welcoming families ever!
My husband and I stopped by the ranch on our honeymoon motorcycle trip and twenty-five years later one of Dick's favorite memories from the trip is getting up early to feed animals with Darrell. He made an impression like that on everyone.
may the Good Lord be with you in your travel Darrel
Growing up, some of my most fondest childhood memories was at the Winfield ranch. It's where I learned how to ride a horse, and experience Wyoming culture at its finest. Darrell was the quintessential cowboy with a heart of gold. Memories of him and my grandpa at the ranch will live in my heart forever. Love to the entire family, and especially Lennie. Though I'm in California please know my love and heart is with you during this very tragic time.
All my love,
Danny Svilar
I feel very honored to have met Darrell. Over the years we bought many horses from him. I loved going to the ranch so that I could listen to his tales. He was a completely honorable horse trader. Your family was lucky to have had him around for so long!