Eastman, Mary Lou

My Sympathies to the entire Eastman Family.

I cared for Mary Lou while working at the Senior Center of Jackson Hole. We rode the bus together, and went on walks together, I cleaned her apartment (although it was never in need of it) and helped her with the bird feeder. She shared many stories of her girlhood, travels with your father and what it was like when you kids were growing up. A particular favorite was the story of her petting the wolf; she had a picture of it on the wall!

Lots of stories.

I visited her several times when she transitioned to Legacy Lodge in Jackson, (she told me how Maria's husband had put up her bird feeder), and knew she had moved to another home closer to y'all.

I am glad to have known her, she was her own person and certainly loved being an independent Wyoming woman.

My Sincerest Condolences.

Holly O'Brien
My condolences to all of the Eastman family. I had the honor to know both Mary Lou and Gordon back when our kids were growing up. I still recall the visits to the home in Wilson, and of course the wolves. Gordon was the main reason I moved to Wyoming and bought the Flying A Ranch. I enjoyed many trips with Gordon, and helped in the filming of one of his wildlife documentaries. Mary Lou was always so gracious and kind to me and to my family. Maria was once a roommate of my daughter Debbie while they both attended Montana State. I am a better man for having known both mother and father of the Eastman family.
Lowell Hansen
We are so sorry to hear of Mary's passing. She was a great lady & will be missed by many. Our thoughts & prayers are with all the family.