Tyrel Teran

Teran, Tyrel

I love you guys so much!! Broke my heart reading this. Bro will MOST DEFF be missed!! My deepest condolences! Pray y'all heal in time. Love you!!!
May his memory be eternal!
Prayers for you Robin and Halle, may the great creator, watch over you and protect you always, may you have strength to carry on with life,
We love you both 7-14-2020
Tyrel was the best. We enjoyed traveling with him and the girls to soccer etc. My girls always new how much Tyrel loved and supported them because of the amazing photos he would take old them. He always had a smile and always a positive. Much love to Robin, Halle and family during this terrible time.
Prayers and sincere condolences to Halle, Robin and family. You are in our prayers. He was a great man and we will miss his smile and his presence as he took pictures of all our students.
Robin, Halle and family may God be with you and hold you in his arms tighter in this time of sorrow. Tyrel was a wonderful man and will be missed greatly. We will not be able to attend as we will be out of town. Please know you are all in our prayers.
My heart is with your Robin, Halle and families... What a wonderful man and now a wonderful Angel!! Praying that God will give you comfort and peace during this time and always!!! Love, hugs and prayers...
So sorry for the loss of such a great young man. May God bless you all with peace and comfort.
So sorry for your loss Robin and Halle. Prayers for the days ahead.
Always forever in our prayers??
Lots of love and prayers to his family and friends. Journey well Tyrel
Sending my thoughts & prayers, remembering a great kind young man. Sincere condolences
Prayers for comfort and support today as you lay his earthly remains to rest...his spirit is eternal & he is your guardian angel. ((Hugs))
Words are hard to find for days like today, but I do know that I always admired your family unit as strong, courageous and supportive of eachother.
Robin and Halle, you ladies are amazing and he was undoubtedly blessed to have your love and care over the last few months.
I hope all the bright memories with him outshine the rest.
Love you.
I will never forget you, Ty. Your love, support and care was something I always looked forward to when seeing you. Many prayers to Robin, Halle and the rest of your families.
Gretchen and I first met Tyrel about thirty years ago. Tyrel and our two boys played on the same Little League Baseball team. He was so enthusiastic in his support of his teammates and in his love of the game. Tyrel was a team player and led an exemplary life from the time he was young. He treated his sisters, Mother and Dad, everyone he met with respect and care from his early age.

Later, when Tyrel graduated high school he went on to become a member of the United States Marine Corps where he served with distinction for eight years. During that time I saw him when Tyrel was home on leave and we’d talk about baseball, his military service, and my hope that he would return home to live and raise a family. I was so proud of Tyrel and was honored to call him my friend. I believed we need people like Tyrel to live in our communities and help all of us live a good productive life.

As time went on, Tyrel and Robin married and they raised a beautiful baby, Halle. She is the product of the love between two great people, Robin and Tyrel. My mother told my brothers and me us to live our lives striving to share our faith, hope, and charity with others. She wanted us to be kind to all we met and to treat them with courtesy and respect. I know Tyrel was always kind and respectful to me and my family. He was truly a gentle man and a good man in every sense.

We will always remember Tyrel and how he lived. We will miss him. We have all of his grieving friends and family in our hearts and prayers.

Sincerely yours, John Vincent