Virginia Rangitsch

Rangitsch, Virginia

Prayers and condolences to Ryan / Tyler and family.

from your APLC family
Thoughts and prayers to Ryan and family.
She was a great lady. I remember her bailing Dave and me out on making a pie crust. She will be missed.
Debbie and Dave,
I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. She was a wonderful lady who always had a smile and a big hello when we'd pass your house growing up. I remember her always being at the ballpark watching us play baseball.
She will be missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to you both and your families.
My sincere condolences during this difficult time. I still remember her from my high school years at sporting events. If I am not mistaken, she helped with picking out cheerleading uniforms. Bless her and my she rest in peace.
Dave, my depressed condolences to you and your family. Your Mom was a very sweet lady. May she Rest In Peace.
Debbie, Dave, and Families. We are so sorry for your loss. We always enjoyed visiting with Ginny. We know she will be greatly missed but there will be many fond memories. Rest in Peace!
Nice lady, good friend, will be missed.
So sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. Your family is in my prayers.
Debbie, Dave and all of Ginny's family, I am so sorry to hear of Ginny's passing. She was always a lot of fun in the Amoco office and I enjoyed visiting with her after her retirement. Ginny will be missed.
David and Debbie, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom had the best laugh and sense of humor! She also had the best cookies which I remember helping myself to while she wasn’t home! Great memories
Aunt Ginny was a fun character, always bubbly and enthusiastic. I got to see her a lot over the years as she and mom (her sister, Suzy) often cruised from Galveston and would spend a day or two on the way to & from. I enjoyed the times I tagged along with her and mom too. They were cruising buds! Hosting Gin in the UK and seeing the eclipse from her backyard are fond memories too. We will miss her.
In my adult life we saw Aunt Ginny quite a bit; she was so much fun! My husband and kids always enjoyed her visits. We would play many many games of cards, she sure loved playing cards! She had been suffering so I am glad she is in a better place.
Rest In Peace, Love from the Mack’s
Aunt Ginny was an amazing woman with so much personality. Whenever she would visit on her way to go cruising we would always have a blast playing cards... What a card shark!
My thoughts go out to her family and I hope she rests in peace.
Lots of love,
Taylor Rahn
Sorry to hear of Aunt Ginny’s passing. She was a great friend and such a kind spirit. And a mean card shark. We will miss her.
I am Ginny’s younger sister, Suzy. We were 7 years apart, growing up in Midwest, Wyoming. She was my Bridesmaid at my first wedding. When my husband died, she provided love & comfort to me & my 2 young children. Later I moved to Riverton, just
around the block from her. We enjoyed Friday nite at the Elks Club& afterwards, we’d go to my house everyone would singalong while I pounded the piano. Ginny & Kenny stood up for us when Lloyd & I were married. We moved around the country but met Ginny intermittently. Later when we moved to Thermopolis, Wyo, we became cruising buddies. Many of our cruises were out of Galveston, TX; & we’d stay b-4 & after, at our daughter’s house. Also we went on a transatlantic cruise after Ginny & us toured England from our daughters house. We made numerous trips to Midland to visit our other daughter. All of our grandkids loved playing cards with Ginny! She frequently attended our Chism family reunions! Everybody enjoyed Ginny’s presence and we all will miss her!
Dear Debbie and David,
I was saddened to hear of your sweet mama's passing.
What a woman! Ginny loved you kids and was so very proud of you two and her grandchildren and everyone's accomplishments. I fondly remember her from our Junior High days, Debbie. Many a sleep over was held at your house and Ginny made those times even more fun. She was always so welcoming and cheery. I also recollect when Kenny would start in on the "Little Red Rooster" down at the Elks club and she would roll her eyes, cover her face, shake her head all the while he sang and recited that little ditty. I fondly recall her decorating style in your home. She had it going on. Please know two kids and your kiddos were the sunshine in her life. She always talked with loving pride about the goings on in your lives. You made her very happy.
Your friend,
Tanis Young-Manning
Prayers are with you David and all your family during this time God Bless