Robert B. 'Bob'  Meredith

Meredith, Robert B. "Bob"

I can not believe he is gone as I am sure that Bobby (I know you are Bob now but your family always called you Bobby to me), Linda and Judy cannot grasp this loss. I last saw your Dad at Mayme Riggs funeral and he was the same Bob that I had known throughout my career. Bob was a great mentor to me and to Don and we count him as one of the special people who crossed our path in Wyoming. He was a true treasure. My sister June is on a trip to Greece but knew of Bob's death and wanted me to be sure to offer her sincere sympathy as well. Unfortunately, I will be in Singapore at the time of the services but Don will represent our family.

Linda,, I have tried to call you several times so maybe when you read this you will be able to get in touch with me.

Again, our sincere sympathy in your loss. As you all know he was one of a kind and certainly the best that humankind has to offer.

Our love,

The McKay family -- Don and Joane
and June Covington.
I treasure Bob's note to me thanking me for the "kind words" I wrote in a Letter of Recommendation in support of his selection as Teacher of the Year 1985. That letter was the easiest I ever wrote, and every word in it was true. It was my honor to write that letter. It was my honor to attend, with my son, the banquet in Cheyenne when Bob received the award. It was my honor to know this man. As many times as I thanked Bob for the impact he had in son's life, I doubt that Bob ever really understood his greatness. Heaven is getting a good man.

My prayers are with his family.

Linda Hagar Moench
I am not sure I can share how much R.B. meant to me while I was in high school. I was a "city boy" and was taking ag just to be around some of my friends. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways because he introduced me to a teacher that would forever impact my life. I can count the times that a bunch of us high school boys would end up getting in trouble and how many times he came to the rescue and bailed us out. However, you could be assured he would point out the error of our ways even though he may have found it humerous at the same time. R.B. had a way of pointing out your strengths while helping you recognize your weaknesses. He was the one that convinced me to pursue public speaking in FFA, a skill I use daily. I was not excited about doing it but he told me I had a "gift of gab" that could take me somewhere if I used it. I made it all the way to state and, even though I did not win, R.B. was at the edge of the stage to tell me how proud he was of my effort. There are a few people in your life that have an impact you never forget. They help you with guidance and steer you in the right direction. R.B. was one of those people to me. He will be missed but never forgotten as he was truly a great man.
Bob Meredith the teacher left a love of learning and a discipline to achieve indelibly imprinted in the minds and hearts of his students. We knew he loved and cared about us so much that his famous temper was not negative, but an indication of the degree to which he was committed to our success. I shall never forget him. Many skills I have used throughout my life were planted by Bob Meredith and many of Shoshoni's other wonderful teachers. Bob or RB as we referred to him behind his back, had the unusual gift of being able to chew you out and still it built you up to want to be better rather than to pout.

Bob and his family used to go to Riverton early Sunday morning to attend the Catholic Church and then return to Shoshoni to attend our community Presbyterrian church. His ecumenical attitude and practice was a model of all his life stood for - judge people only on the degree they are living up to their potential. Bob invited (read forced, ha ha)all freshmen to participate in the FFA Chapter Speech contest and that experience forged a groove in my life that carried over into how I still make my living today.

Bob has been the kind of teacher you keep track of 50 years after you graduate. One benefit of a trip to Wyoming was the hopes of seeing him. He attended our class 35th reunion with us and called me just before our 50th to let me know he would not be able to make it but wanted me to say hello to everyone and tell them he wanted to be with us. He was - in spirit. I look forward to seeing him in Heaven. He WILL be there and I will pray for grace to join him.
My mom held off telling me of Bob's passing until I was in Cheyenne for Frontier Days last week--she knew it was better to hear it in Wyoming than Texas I guess.

Mr. Meredith "R.B" as we called him outside the classroom was one of two most influentual teachers while I went through Shoshoni High School. Girls had just begun taking Vo Ag and he certainly made us feel at home. He taught us not only in the shop and the classroom but taught us about how to treat the donors to the FFA program--writing thank you notes at every turn--just how to treat people right. He motivated me to be my best--he's part of the reason I still play for the A team in all I do in life--2nd chair, b team was never good enough. He pushed you and made you believe in yourself.

The funny side of RB....he always had the Maaloxx bottle close---must have done something for him to live to 83! A few curse words every now and then. Maintaining order/running boot camp when he'd take 20-30 of us on judging trips or to the state convention or of course the Senior trip to the Denver stock show. My office now resembles his little glass office in the ag shop--stacked w/ lots of paper! The staff breakfasts we would cook and serve out in the vo ag shop. Going over to Thermop and being on tv--we thot we'd made the big times! He's probably head of agriculture up in heaven now! Lots of good good memories from my high school years with FFA.

My love to you all--thanks for sharing your dad with all of us! I'm glad I stayed in touch w/ Bob every xmas and when I'd come home to visit mom and dad.


I was sadened to hear about our Mr. Meredith, when I think of Shoshoni High School and my time there I think of him. After graduating in 1959 I got my degree at the Univ. of Wyo. as a Voc. Ag. Teacher. I didn't teach but often thought of background things we had talked about in his classes.

I saw him from time to time when I was home in Fremont County, we exchanged stories of the things we were doing and the conversation would turn to family. He was so proud of you and your accomplishments and I know you were the center of his life.

I like you had gone on elsewhere to do our thing and left our parents at home in Fremont County doing their thing while we did ours.

Again I have been thinking of him and you during this time.

Sincerely; Wendell Wagner "59
Bob was more influential in my teaching career than he could ever know. Very few veterans spare the time or effort to take fledgling teachers under their wing. Bob was the exception. His support, humor, and kindness made a tremendous difference. I will do my best to honor his memory by passing the torch to the younger generation. There is no waiting in line at the gates of heaven for such a man.
August 1, 2007

I was saddened when I read of Mr. Meredith's passing. I say Mr. Meredith because that's how I always addressed him. As a student at Shoshoni, I developed a deep respect for this man. Throughout the years he has always remained "Mr.Meredith" to me as my respect has only grown. I was blessed to attend Shoshoni and count many great teachers as having a profound affect on my life, but Mr. Meredith is at the top of the list.
I was honored a few years ago to introduce him at the Wyo State School Board convention when he was recognized with the Golden Bell award, an award given to people who have made outstanding contributions to education in Wyoming. I will always remember that night and am proud to have shared in his honor.
While I am sad in his passing, I find joy in the fact that the good Lord saw fit to make this man a teacher. So many lives were touched by this great man, so many students were encouraged to reach higher, so many have achieved great success in life because of the lessons of Mr. Meredith. And I have great joy in saying he was my teacher!
My daughter is a Senior at the University of Montana studying to be an elementary teacher. If she is half as good a teacher as Mr. Meredith, then she will be a success.
When I accepted a promotion with my company and moved to Montana two years ago, one of the people I made a point to visit before I left was Mr. Meredith. I remember that visit like it was yesterday, and the handshake and hug as I left his house still touches me. I look forward to our next visit.

Bob and Helen were both very good role models for so many students and the Shoshoni Community. It would be impossible to determine the impact of his teaching on the future development of so many of his students. I am sure that he took great pride in seeing students in the fields being good farmers and cattlemen. He could observe what the locals were doing. For all the students that did not remain in this area, their achievements can also be credited in part to the good foundation and expectations for success that Bob had for them.


Mother of Karen Herbst and Frank Herbst, Shoshoni FFA Students
Bob was who I looked up to when I started teaching in Shoshoni in the fall of 1976. He was respected by everyone who knew him. He gave me lots of advice, which I greatly appreciated, and he was the role model for many of us who were new to the community and in many cases relatively new to teaching as well back then. Bob and Helen were always kind and yet somehow frankly honest with their advise and help. If they talked we listened, and what they told us helped all us grow as teachers and helped us grow as people too. Bob was a straight talking no non-sense straight shooter, who did what he said he would do when he said he would do it. He told you what he really thought when you asked his opinion, and managed to be gruff, kind, imposing and funny all in the same moment. He was there at SHS for many more years, and I realize even more now how lucky I to be able to spend those years working with and learning from him. His retirement party roast, which was held right at the school in the spring of 1987, was the best one ever at SHS, and we all were there to see him off. Everyone was happy for Bob to have reached that moment, but we were all so sad to see him leave us. How much sadder we are today to lose the company of such a fine man. So long Bob. You left a fine mark in your school and community, and your influence still is felt today 20 years after you retired by those of us you mentored "back in the day". I can't imagine it getting much better than that for anyone, anywhere.

Dear Beulah, Bobby, Linda and Judy

We are so sorry for the loss of your husband/father. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you at this time and are sorry that we cannot attend the service. Bob was such an important part of so many individuals and families lives throughout his teaching career at Shoshoni -- and beyond. We are just two of those people. He was so supportive and caring. We just wanted to be there to give back to him. We had gotten to see him several times since we moved to Lander, and always enjoyed our visits with him. A true teacher and leader who will be missed. Again, our condolenses to you all. Hope to see you someday. George and Sharon Schamber