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Darwin Brown

Darwin Brown

Nov 2, 1968 - Feb 18, 2013
Darwin J. Brown died Monday, Feb. 18, 2013, in Denver. He was 44 years old.

Rosary and prayer service will be at 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24, at St. Stephen's Mission. The wake will follow at Eagle Hall. Mass will be at 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 25, at St. Stephen's Mission, and the burial will take place afterward at Arapahoe Catholic Cemetery followed by a feast and giveaway.

Darwin J. Brown was born Nov. 2, 1968, at Riverton Memorial Hospital, the son of Royce A. Brown Lone Bear and Patricia A. Blackburn Snook. He attended Head Start School in Arapahoe and St. Stephen's Indian school where he achieved academic honors. He also attended Wyoming Indian High School, North Dickinson School in North Dakota and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in New Mexico. During his earlier years he joined the Arapahoe Boxing Club and was trained by Paul Lawson. He also was an alter boy and rode horses, including his horse Lil' Red. His family said he enjoyed going fishing and hunting with his father, and he was an excellent artist. He was athletic, loved the outdoors and enjoyed camping, basketball, archery and animals. He was a kind person and enjoyed being around his family.

He is survived by his mother, Patricia A. Blackburn Snook; maternal grandparents Seth Blackburn and Lucia (Brown) B. Burn; brothers Ronald, Don, Martin, Ryan, Patrick, Richard, J.J. Blackburn, C.J., Raymond and Preston Walker, Bart Molash, Stanford Shakespeare, Royand Blackburn Jr., J.T. Brown, Linc Simmons, Jason Walton, Leo and Stephen Headley, and Kenny Brown of Arizona, Richard and Artie Long Soldier, Laif, Scott, Theron, Anon Hefik Soldier Wolf and Marcus Brown Jr.; sisters Roanna Suraco, Lanette Brown, Carmen Behan, Loreen and Pee Brown, Brenda Hubbard, Lisa Molash, Elsie Charging Crow, Sandra Paulsen, Ramona Shakespeare, Anna and Jamie Brown, Rae and Nolan Friday, Faye Ann, Cassie and Hufna Soldier Wolf, Verna and Darla Sanchez, Jane Dewey, Francis and Angela Blackburn, Sherry, Mona D., Geraldine and Yvette Blackburn; aunts Joanne Blackburn, Alice Molash, Bernice Emarthle, Florita and Mark Soldier Wolf, Violet, Jenny, Mildred and Joyce Brown of Wapoto, Wash., Tina and Larry Make Shine; uncles Daniel Brown, Richard and Emily Brown of Taos, N.M., Marcus Brown Sr. of Riverton and Ivan Posey of Fort Washakie, Kenneth Sr. and Evelina Blackburn and Christopher SunRhodes; grandmother Patsy Dodge of Arapahoe; and great-great-grandfather Chief Lone Bear.

He was preceded in death by his brothers, Donovan C. Blackburn, Lloyd Brown, Stoney Blackburn, Larry Brown of Taos, N.M.; sisters Shawna Walker and Marilyn Brown of Toppenish, Wash., aunts Catherine Joy Hurley, Angela Skomer, Pitticia Herrea and Martina Little of Washington; uncles Tony and Ed Bell, Thomas, Howard, and Linus Blackburn and Charles; grandparents Issac and Agnes Bell, Richard and Anna Brown, Vincent and Ethel Bell, Bernadine and Bruce Means, Mary Agnes and Otto Washington, Thedore and Gertude Bell and Mabel SunRhodes, Seth and Lucy, Mary Moon, Josephine Harjo and Anthony Brown.

Services under the direction of the Davis Funeral Home.