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Thunder  Little Thunder, Jr.

Thunder Little Thunder, Jr.

Sep 5, 2008 - Apr 9, 2013
Thunder “Baby Bunnz” LittleThunder, Jr. died on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at Riverton Memorial Hospital. A rosary will be held on Monday, April 15, 2013 at Great Plains Hall at 7:00 pm. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, at 10:00 am at Great Plains Hall. Burial will follow at Arapaho Catholic Cemetery.

Thunder Sky LittleThunder, Jr. was born on September 5, 2008 in Riverton to Thunder Sky LittleThunder, Sr. and Emmaline YellowFox.

He was baptized into the Catholic faith in Salt Lake City, UT.

His family said he enjoyed going to school at Arapaho Child Project, being around his family, watching TV with his parents and sister, going to Pow Wow’s, going outside, playing with his cousins, and listening to music.

He is survived by his parents, Emmaline YellowFox and Thunder LittleThunder Sr.; his brothers, Dale Eagle Jr., Dale Eagle III, Memphis Eagle, Anton LittleThunder, Tyrae LittleThunder, Blue Sky Hereford, Josiah C’Hair, Abel C’Hair, Charlo III, RuebenYellowFox, Alex Jacinto, Victor Jacinto, Wyatt Fletcher, Morgan Fletcher, Cody Fletcher, Virgil Wallowingbull-C’Hair, Marcellus Fletcher, Nathaniel Fletcher, Grant Fletcher, Jr., Dakota Fletcher, Peyton Fletcher, Sean Wadda, Moody Spoonhunter, Jr., Ryu Spoonhunter, Mike Jr., Shadow Eagle, Ward Spoonhunter, Isaiah Spoonhunter, Gabe Stewie Brown, Zack Sunrhodes, Baudelio Dale Moss, Jaden Moss, Weldon Dale Moss III, Antione SittingEagle and Frank SittingEagle Jr.; his sisters, Faylahaze Lacole LittleThunder, Brandi Eagle, Moleni Eagle, Allyah Eagle, Emerald Eagle, Harmony C’Hair, Serenity YellowFox, Eternity YellowFox, Trinity YellowFox, Talisa LittleThunder, Alexis Little Thunder, Melissa Dina Kay , Wardina Wind Ghostbear, Adamae Ghostbear, Doris Amos, Diane Amos, Ezra Fletcher, Alyssa Fletcher, Cali WhiteBird, Lydia Peche, and Esperanza SittingEagle; his uncles, Clifton LittleThunder, Raymond LittleThunder, “Lil Boy”, Michael SunRhodes, Moody Spoonhunter, Damon SunRhodes, Ronnie Jenkins, Joey Jenkins, Jr. Brown, Robert Behan, Ricky Behan, Rueben Behan, Willo Pingree, Charlo YellowFox Jr., Blaine YellowFox, Louis YellowFox, Michael Fletcher, Grant Fletcher, Jr., Colin Amos, Herbert Augustine, Jr., Anslem E. Lee, Darrein Lee, Patrick Yellowman, JB Yellowman, Frank SittingEagle, Dexter (Naomi C’Hair) Wallowingbull, Cory Piper, Camren Piper, Jared C’Hair, and James C’Hair; his aunts, Cheryl Eagle, Estelle LittleThunder, Whitney (Kelly) Jenkins, Loretta SunRhodes, Delight SunRhodes, Delaine SunRhodes, Tiffany Arthur, Ronda Behan, Kristia Behan, Robin Behan, Delight Michele Brown, Yahya YellowFox, Nellie SittingEagle, Courtney Piper, Trina Piper, Mary Perry, Mandy Peche, Anna Fletcher, Bobbie C’Hair, Naomi C’Hair, Alannah Amos, Allison Amos, Rosie Loneman, Cheyenne Dice, Alice D Moss, Jeani Fletcher and Jolynn Fletcher; his grandparents, Melissa and George LittleThunder, Jr., Charlene YellowFox, Daniel C’Hair, Karen C’Hair, Harold Amos, Max Dice, Jr., Shannan Amos, Sr., Iran Yellowman, Anslem Lee, Mary Lee, Alevane Burton, Anna Loneman, Peggy Loneman, Francis Amos, Ruth Amos, Willie Surrell, Tyrone Surrell, Julian C’Hair, Charlie C’Hair, Muriel C’Hair, Paul Bell, Julia C’Hair, Vianna Behan and Jerome C’Hair; his great grandparents, Yvonne Amos, Nancy Dice and Jesse Amos. He was preceded in death by his brother Taylo YellowFox; his grandparents, Dwight and Estelle SunRhodes, Kitty Behan, Ronnie Behan, Donna Jenkins, Clifford Duran, Charlo YellowFox Sr., Almeta and Lorraine Monroe, Margie YellowFox; his sister, Hazel Heaven SittingEagle-LittleThunder; his aunts, Wardina Spoonhunter, and Shauna SunRhodes; his uncles, Ronnie Behan Jr., Dale Darrel Thomas Eagle Sr. and Trinity Bell; and his great grandparents, Leonard W Amos, June A Yellowman, Arthur Yellowman, Orin Yellowman, Louis C’Hair, Verna Loneman, Charles Loneman, Florine Amos, Charlie Augustine and Josphine Fletcher.

On-line obituaries are available and condolences for the family may be made at:

Services are under the direction of the Davis Funeral Home of Riverton.