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Edward 'Eddie' Friday

Edward "Eddie" Friday

Apr 16, 1959 - Aug 17, 2020
Edward “Eddie” Friday was born April 16, 1959 to Samuel Friday and Cecelia Wolfrang Friday, in Lander, Wyoming. Eddie passed away August 17, 2020 at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming.

Graveside services will be Friday, August 21,2020, at 10:00am at the Wolfrang Family Cemetery in Ethete, Wyoming.

Eddie was a lifelong resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation. He grew up attending Fort Washakie School and Mill Creek School in Ethete, Wyoming.

Eddie was raised in a large family and was the youngest of 12 children. His parents both had passed away when he was very young. His older sister, Caroline, continued raising Eddie until he was of age. Eddie grew up in a time when nurturing and protecting the family circle was the single most important part of everyday life. Eddie was brought up with the Traditional Arapaho teachings and he hung on to those teachings through the years.

Eddie did not have children of his own but he helped raise his niece’s, nephews and his sibling’s grandchildren and great grandchildren. Two grandchildren in particular were, Heather and Myron Friday. Eddie would often speak proudly of them and loved them unconditionally. Eddie was the nurturer, the hand to pick you up when you fell, the shoulder to cry on, the arms to carry you when you couldn’t make it on your own and the first person to make you laugh to brighten your spirit. He always made sure there was food on the table, he was the errand runner, the volunteer to cook frybread and soup or an entire feast at the last minute. He was the glue that held the family together, he kept very close and personal relationships with his entire family and extended family. Eddie was the master of story telling and he could sit for hours telling stories. Eddie’s sense of humor always lifted the heaviness of anyone being in a bad mood. Eddie was the designated babysitter and taught all the children to play games like “Fox and the Egg”, baseball, volleyball, and card games like rummy and how woo nee. Eddie was a collector of match box cars. He also collected jewelry but mostly loved finding rings with precious stones. Eddie loved to celebrate special occasions and he loved planning and cooking holiday dinners for the family.

Eddie loved the outdoors. He loved the social circle of the pow-wow trail and absolutely loved hearing the pow-wow music. Eddie loved to be around people, whether it be at his favorite “beaver” game at the Casino or just going to Hines or Ethete Store to get his pop and chew. He would always greet people and his “just saying hi” would always turn into a long visit. Eddie was always the first person to volunteer for any event, from small family birthday parties to big feasts for the entire Tribe. He had a humble soul and always thought more of giving to other people than he thought of getting things for himself.

Eddie always kept his door open to anyone he met. He had friends and relations that he made with so many people throughout the years. His love of life and living each day to its fullest was how he chose to spend the last few years of his life. He was always a caretaker, a homemaker, and at the family homeplace was where he could always be found.

Eddie is preceeded in death by his parents, his brothers, Bradford, Lawrence “Moses”, Leonard, Eugene, and Carth; his sisters, Barbara Manderson, Anna Warren, Caroline Bowers, Michelle Friday; cousins Florita Eagle, Ed Eagle Sr., and David Wolfrang; uncle Wallace Wolfrang, great grandson Xavior Friday.

Eddie is survived by his sister’s, Roberta Whiteplume and Betty Friday and his brother, Phillip; his cousins, Alberta Little, JoAnn Tucker, Alberta Goggles, Bernice Watan, Aileen Shakespeare, Amy Underwood, Bernice Hendrickson, Anna Werrito, Everett Eagle Sr; niece’s Margret Williams, Rhonda Bowers, Carol Friday, Velinda Friday, Joann Friday, Robin Manderson, Karen Manderson, Katelynn Whiteplume, Vana Warren, Rocky Mountain, Dallas and Odessa Eagle, Edelche Eagle, Tara Rudd; nephews Malcolm Bowers, Howard Friday, Gerald Friday, Byron Friday, Vernon Manderson, Everett Eagle Jr. , Gibb MedicineCloud, Gary MedicineCloud, Edward Eagle Jr., Cody Eagle and Clinton Eagle; grandchildren, Heather and Myron Friday, Amy and Marcus Friday, Lazara Sanchez, Margaret Friday, Cheryl WhiteBull, Luisa, Tallia, Jade and Papa Vaquera, Mike Manderson, Dewayne Hereford, Sam, Sylvia and Mariah Friday, Christopher Friday, William and Aaron Ferris, Ivan TwoBulls, Misty and Barbara Haddenham and Derrick, Brandon, Shanel, Stacie, Kristen, Camryn Williams, Emilyahh FastHorse, and Artissa, Benicia, Vanessa, Arionna, and Ben Warren V; other close relatives, Richard Smith Garcia, Rich WallowingBull, Lydell Thunder, JohnLee Crispin, Barbara Ann Perea; and many more numerous relatives.