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Peterson, Sandra "Sandie" (Scheer)

Kelly, So sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Wish I could be there for the funeral. However, with the three trips to Wyoming I had earlier this year, it just isn't possible. Thinking of you, Leslie (Palmer) Fleury

Leslie Fleury - 8/31/2011

I only knew Sandie briefly, but felt like I had known her all my life. We had a lovely talk a few weeks ago and my wife was equally happy she had met her. Sandie was a beautiful lady and one that i am proud to say I met. Meeting her was a gift in my life as I am sure it was in other's. My sincere condolences are offered to all her friends and family. I will miss her when I visit Dubois.

Bob from Illinois - 8/31/2011

Joan (Jo) Barney - 9/4/2011

Sandie was the third person Larry and I met when we arrived in Dubois way back in 1973. Joe and Millie Detimore had turned Larry and me back to Dubois to go to Dubois Telephone Exchange to inquire about summer work. Sandie was there at the desk that day and sent us over to the Westerner.

We can recall several good times with Jack and Sandie and all the DTE folks in those early years. Later she helped me with an alteration of a mother-of-the-bride dress that had to have taken her forever to do and of course, she didn't want to charge me much for her trouble.

I'm sure she will be missed. I treasure all my memories of those many years.

Marty & Larry Nash - 9/12/2011