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Comer, James Daniel "Jim"

Danny and Family Sorry for your loss.

John Rodgers - 10/10/2011

James Daniel Comer was my "Uncle Bub" for all my life. He was my mother's younger Brother and an inspiration to all. My first memories of my uncle were when he came home from the WW11. He was so tall and handsome and I came to about his knee if that high. His life and that of my family lead into two different directions so I did not have the prividlege of growing up with my uncle near me, however, the letters flowed hard and the connection was never lost. I have always admired and loved him and he was so much like my mother. So kind to everyone and a good example.
You are still missed Uncle Bub. May you rest in peace and my God Bless your family. My love, Betty Jenkins Ollas

Betty Jenkins Ollas - 10/12/2011

I am Dorothy Hoffman's daughter, Jeanette. My Mom, Dorothy, and your Mom, Betty, where first cousins.... our grandmothers were sisters. I am very sorry about the passing of your Dad. Over the last 10 years or so I had some really good vists with him when he was working at WalMart. I live in Dubois and we usually come to Riverton about once a month to shop. It was amazing that he was able to work there for so long. It was nice to see him and have some family conversations with him. I'm sure you will miss him. My thoughts are with you.

Jan Shavlik - 10/14/2011