Gaines, Leonard C.

I had the privledge of working with Leonard. Whenever he came to our office he would salute at the door. :-) He was a super guy and will be missed by all.
Leonard! He is, and always will be, our brother. He was a wonderful soul, that consistently inspired a more positive attitude. "Don't let the man get you down," he would say to us. "Peace and Love" were his go to inspirations as well. We have nothing but great things to say about him, and I hope the world will say the same of us one day. We love you Leonard and family. It is a pleasure to know all of you, and we look forward to many more years with you, climbing, fishing, hiking, cultivating, home building, smiling!


Kyle and Erin Phillips
Lander, Wyoming
Leonard was such a wonderful man and so nice to work with. His positive outlook and cheerful disposition is something that is an inspiration for all who knew him. I am so sorry for his family's loss, I keep you all in my prayers. This is a difficult time, and I hope your memories can help you smile through the tears soon.
I don't even know where to start. You are like my little brother; no matter how much time passed, you and I could pick it up like we never left off.I just talked to you on the 16th...we were already planning our next get together. Then, on the day my wife and I were supposed to be celebrating our 20-year anniversary, I instead got the heart-wrenching news that you're gone. I was thinking how you were there with me when I first asked my (now)wife for her number. And you were there on our first date. And for so many more memories that were to be made. Leonard, you have touched my life so much more than I ever imagined possible; and this hurts so bad, I can hardly stand it. We met in junior high and oh, the stories we have to tell! You were supposed to be here to reminisce and laugh over all the good times we've had, and I just can't believe you aren't. Rest in peace until we meet again...but it sure won't be same without you.

And P.S. I really am truly sorry about the dart!!!
Leonard, this news was shocking, heart-breaking, and just one of those things where you hope you'll wake up and it was all a dream. It's hard to say goodbye to someone who had a heart like yours, and a personality that could make anyone laugh. Geez, the first time I met you, you were chiding Roland about exchanging numbers; who would've thought 20 years later, we're still going strong?! And you, Leonard, were the star of the show on my first date with Roland. "I just KNOW I can get it closer, man..." Famous last words before you wound up with a dart between the eyes. Then after we started out in our own "grown up" worlds, you still kept your place in our lives. Roland was even saying that even after all the time that passed between each of your was like nothing changed: same ol' Leonard and same guy who reminded you exactly what great friends were really all about. You two would just pick it back up without missing a beat. I've heard many of the stories, and been lucky enough to witness some, dear friend, are truly a one-of-a-kind friend. I hope Whitney and your kiddos know just how lucky they are to have had someone like you in their lives. I mean who else sacrifices himself in the backseat with a crazy, attacking ferret?! (By the way, hope Silvara caused no permanent damage!) Roland says "We could write a whole Tom Sawyer-type book on the stories of Leonard!"...and you know he's right. Hope you know how loved you have always been...and I just can't quite come up with any decent way to say "good bye" to you; it's just not fair. Time to keep the Heavens on their toes, I suppose ;)
I have had the privilege to work with Leonard the last several years through the Circuit Court in Lander. I always enjoyed him and feel that he was an excellent probation agent. He was certainly highly respected by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him and will be deeply missed by the court systems and in his personal life. My deepest sympathies to all of his family.
So very sorry to hear of Leonard's passing and the loss being felt by so many that new him and were touched by his life. My prayer is that God will truly comfort his family and friends as they deal with the loss and impact he had. To his immediate family, may you cherish all the good memories and let the bad ones fade away. May his children carry out his legacy of giving to others and in so doing find the same respect and admiration their father achieved. God bless and keep the Gaines family.
Len and I graduated Ponderosa together and were friends for most of our high school career. He was one of the nicest people that I hung out with and was proud to call him a friend. Unfortunately, we lost touch after high school, but I am proud to see how successful he was in life and how loved he was buy everyone.

From the sounds of everyone's posts it looks like he grew in to a great person and was well loved.