Nadine Gustin

Gustin, Nadine

May you find peace during this difficult time.
so very sorry for your loss! I remember many visits to their house with my folks. they watched me after school when mom & dad had to go to town, I stayed with them when my mom went to see my sister in the hospital in Idaho, mom used to buy plants from the green house every spring, I remember the yard & the fish pond, I had a couple dolls as a child that she made, I still have an xmas ornament she made for me, I even remember the winter they let a bunch of the neighbors stay at their house for days while the power was out since they had wood heat. They were amazing people, always ready to help their neighbors. I know your sadness, but I also know that she is now back with her love just as my folks are. nothing will take away the pain, but you are not alone in your sadness. she will be missed. I send you both my condolences & hugs from afar.
Dennis and family Sorry for your loss.