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Ben Warren, Sr.

Warren, Sr., Ben

I will miss him. My younger, larger brother. I think he was the largest of us all. I think I am the smallest. I used to get him so mad at me he would chase me around the house, in one door, out the other. Then I would make the mistake of going to my room and realizing too late there was no exit. Then the beating was on. (what happened really couldn't be called a fight cuz I rolled up in a ball and grit my teeth until he felt I had enough).
I will always keep him close to my heart. We went through a lot together, losing our Mom so young. With Mary, we saw a lot and made it okay. Even when our younger brothers and sister joined our family.
Rest in Peace.

Alan Warren - 8/21/2014

Arturo & Melisa Carrillo

Melisa carrillo - 8/22/2014

So sorry for your loss! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family!

Rose Goggles & Kathleen Osborne & family - 8/22/2014

Rest in Paradise Uncle Ben. It was a shock to hear of your passing. I will miss your smile and awesome sense of humor. We love you and will keep you in our hearts.

Shelly Marie - 8/22/2014