Wanda Lee McMullen

McMullen, Wanda Lee

To Bill Fleaka and family. I was saddened to hear of Wanda's passing. Altho I havent been in contact with her for many years. She was always friendly to me and we talked quite often. Seemed she always had time to say hi to me when not too many others did. I am comforted as you are that she knew Jesus Christ. No doubt about her eternal home.

God Bless you all. Dan Lewis
To Bill, Randy, Jody and Greg and your families,

Even though it was at your Mother's funeral I feel so very blessed to have been able to visit with Wanda. Having not seen her for so many, many years it was a special time to reminisce and spend those precious moments with each other.
I was so very saddened and shocked to learn she had passed away just days after her beautiful Mother. But we have to believe and have the faith that God had that plan for both of them way before any of us knew.
It is so very, very difficult to lose a loved one but they are with our Savior and suffer no more.
Love all of you and God Bless.
Thanks Dan for your post and sympathy. Wanda mentioned that the two of you spoke when lives permitted. She truly was a very kind and loving person. She always made time for friends, family, even strangers...that was just her nature. We were blessed to call her sister but most of all friend. We love and miss her more than words. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with our families. It truly does help heal. God Bless...may Peace be with you.

Aunt Rosalee,
Thank you for always being there for all of us. Wanda and I visited about the wonderful time she had seeing you and Rhonda. She mentioned how it had been far to long, and that you were bright and bubbly as always. YOu are right when you say how fortunate we were to have that time with her while she was home for Mom's service. Family far or near its always heartfelt homecomings that warm our souls. We know she is at home in heaven with Mom, Dad, Elaine, Grandma & Grandpa and so many others who are dwelling there. I miss her more every day, but know she is with me always. Working at healing a heart that is broken. My family and individuals like you make my heart hurt a little less. We love you!!!
Keeping the family in my thoughts and prayers.