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Nelson, Dan

Saddened to hear of the passing of my uncle Dan. Although I didn't have a chance to spend a lot of time with him because of the distance between us, the times we did spend together were memorable to me. He was a kind man. Our family will miss him.

Duff Stump - 12/21/2020

Dan was a true gentleman -- one of the good guys. His ready smile and good nature will be missed by many of us.

Judy Legerski - 12/21/2020

A great man he will be missed by many.

Karl florence - 12/21/2020

So sorry for your loss.

Constance R Seip - 12/21/2020

We both always enjoyed visiting with Dan. He was such a kind man. He often spoke about his love for Clarice, his children, stepchildren, and grandchildren. He really enjoyed his cat beautiful Bonnie. Dan was liked and respected by all his neighbors. He had great stories of his time in Alaska and of his many friends in Lander as well. We are keeping the family in our prayers.

Dan Lemon & Hattie Penny - 12/21/2020

Such fond memories of Uncle Dan. From how he would just show up in Iowa to surprise us with a visit so mom (sis) wouldn't go crazy cleaning up the house for his arrival, to developing a love of flying when he took me up in his planes. Nearly losing my lunch as he thought it would be fun to chase coyotes in canyons just above the tree tops. We always love our trips to Lander, to Sinks Canyon, and learning to love Wyoming. My family now shares our love for the Tetons (my favorite mountains) and Yellowstone. Always an adventure and lots of laughs. Miss you dearly Uncle Dan, may you live eternally in delight.

Anne Longcor Parmley - 12/22/2020

I was so blessed to get to know Uncle Dan through Anne and like so many will miss him. Absolutely loved our visits to WY and wish we could have made more. Glad we have some pictures! Enjoyed seeing his planes and the times he landed here for a visit. Great stories.

Dave Parmley - 12/22/2020