Rose Gasson-Carlos

Gasson-Carlos, Rose

Rest in peace...
I will always be thankful for the role Rose played in my younger life. We were in junior high together and because I was a couple years younger than my classmates Rose always looked out for me. If anyone was "mean" to me she would be first in line to remind them she had my back and they would have to deal with her. I was 11 years old and in 8th grade when this was put to test and another student thought they could mistreat me. Needless to say, after Rose showed them she had my back, noone ever bothered me again. 38 years ago but I still remember and appreciate that. Lifetimes later it sounds like Rose was still fiercely loyal and loved with her whole heart. God bless all who loved her and all those who will miss her and may Creator bless her journey back to her No'oo.
Rest in Peace Rose, you will be missed.....

Sincerest condolences to the families and loves ones of Rose, CJ, Ginger, all Rose's nephews, nieces, grandchildren. It's a tough one when our loved ones go home. Rose will get to see her Dad, Mom, Grandma Ethel, Gus, Charlotte, sincerest condolences in this time of sorrow, to the Buckman families also. Godspeed on your journey home Rose, Huey
I'll forever cherish our memories together, heaven gained a beautiful Rose!
I love u Aunty
May her memory be eternal!