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Lester, Warren "Doug"

Deepest sympathies to the family

Susan farley - 10/6/2021

Thoughts and Prayers are with the family
Doug was a very lovely person he will be missed by all who knew him.

Linda Samuelson - 10/6/2021

We are so sorry to read about Doug's passing. Our prayers to the family!

Bruce & Karla Hughes - 10/6/2021

Years ago Doug looked for me on FB - and because of him I made valued contacts with him and other Riverton grade school friends. (I left Riverton in 8th grade when my dad was transferred to Casper). In recent years my husband and I traveled to Japan, connected with Doug, and met up in Tokyo - he gave us a day filled with sights we'd never otherwise have seen. Doug and I were together in 2nd grade... and several others - nobody kinder - truly. And he was the same great guy in Tokyo - fond memories. Oh - and his art with photographs !!! His ability to restore and bring old photos to life was amazing! HIs mom would have been so proud - he loved her dearly - and now they are together.

Krist Sandstede - 10/6/2021

Doug had an incredible memory for names and could remember people from grade school through high school and probably everybody in universities and his classes in Japan. In addition to Japanese, he spoke Korean and one or more Chinese dialects, as well as a little German. Doug loved nostalgia and had a collection of old movies and classic cartoons. He researched genealogy and travelled to ancestral locations in Germany. Like many Riverton-schooled children, Doug was capable of adapting to many sophisticated (& not so much) locations like San Francisco, Tucson, Laramie, Denver and Tokyo. He moved out when I was 3 but we had a relationship of sorts. He really enjoyed his "new" niece and nephew we welcomed into our house in 2018 and loved being an uncle.

Roger Lester - 10/8/2021

We will be keeping you all in our prayers during this time.

Shane Ransom - 10/8/2021

I'll always remember Doug for bringing home Japanese curry, which we all learned to make and I are a lot of in college!

Roger mentioned nostalgia, but his love of old scratchy Jazz mystified me. He also connected to a lot of the Lester side of the family. Since I was the youngest and Dad was the youngest, I had more in common with the children and grand children of my Lester cousins.

Doug could bring a smile just talking, because once you got him going, he could just keep the whole conversation going by himself.

I'll miss you, Doug!

Rodney Lester - 10/12/2021