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Edward 'Ed' Wunder

Wunder, Edward "Ed"

So sorry to hear about our cousin Ed. Our thoughts are with you through this sad time. It’s also sad that living, working, and being busy with all that interferes with families getting together. Please let us know when you have a celebration of Ed’s life we would like to join you. To Steve, Susan, Bill, and Ed’s family, way to long since we’ve seen and visited with you.

Jerry & Sherry Wunder - 6/14/2022

So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

Mark Alexander - 6/14/2022

So sorry to hear this sad news about Ed’s passing. I worked with Ed for many years while at Riverview Rentals and then HB Rentals and there was not a more decent, honest, trustworthy, hardworking man than Ed was! It was a sad day for me when I decided to move on from HB and leave what was family to me, since we had worked together for so many years it was like a family.
There are a ton of memories with Ed one of the best one was when we used to play in a local summer golf tournament and while Ed, Vic, Jim, and myself were doing a practice round ole Ed got a hole in one! He was like no big deal while the three of us were so thrilled for him, but he was just like it is another day. He could swing a golf club.
Thanks for the memories, Ed. Rest in peace ole friend.

Andy Davidson - 6/15/2022