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Travis Bennett

Bennett, Travis

Edie and family:
We didn't get to know Travis as long as most people but were very honored to be considered his friends. Travis is someone that made an impact on everyone he met and will not be forgotten. Gary spent time talking and learning about gun making from Travis and has used many tips offered to him. We will never make a gun without Travis in our thoughts.

You are all in our prayers. Time does help heal but it doesn't happen quickly. Allow yourself the time to mourn in whatever manner you need. Don't rush things.
We wish you the best.

Gary and Carrie Gavin

Gary & Carrie (frankie) Gavin - 6/26/2007

I had only met Travis a couple of times, but my daughter, Olivia, thought he was just about the nicest man she had ever met. The times that I was fortunate enough to speak with him, he always made me feel so comfortable, as if our conversation was truly special to him. Please know that our thoughts are with your family during this time. If all the wonderful things that I have heard in this community about Travis at this time and before are any indication, this is a man that will not be forgotten.

Barb Wolpert - 6/26/2007

Edie and all,
I wish I could have gotten to know Travis better, but what I did get to know in the last couple of years with be with me forever. Whether it was shooting or just life in general, Travis made an impact on everyone who knew him.

We will all miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Angie Dunn

Angie Dunn - 6/26/2007

Rob, Tracy, and Garrison,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of the members of rob's family. We hope that your memories of Rob's dad will help to ease your grief as time goes by. God bless,
Ken, Kathy, and Ian Hamilton

Kathy Hamilton - 6/27/2007

Edith and family,
So sorry for your loss, God bless you and my prayers are with you at this sad time.

Anna Miller - 6/27/2007

dear dillon, cedric, and family,

i'm sorry to hear about your grandpa, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

John Pitta - 6/27/2007