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Irma May McGuire

McGuire, Irma May

Irma will be sadly missed by many. She was my mother's (Hazel Faris Brannan) best friend all their lives & a dear friend of mine all my life. God bless you, Irma - you're with Jesus & all your friends & family that proceeded you.

Joy Brannan - 11/1/2011

Some people may say angels do not exist.
I know better.
I met one in person.
She didn't have a halo or wings, but instead was a flesh and blood person with flaws and all. She also had a heart of gold filled with kindness and love.
With a song in her heart and a smile on her face. It was hard not to instantly love this tiny woman with such a big spirit.
Irma's life was not always easy, but she proved just how much could be accomplished by a woman with true grit and determination.
My grandma Irma was a firecracker to say the least. Full of life, love and laughter.
She lived a full life, yet to those of us who knew her, it seems like our time with her wasn't quite long enough. We may not even want to let her go. But we know she was ready for her journeys end.

I know Irma took comfort in knowing that Jerry would be standing on the other side with all her other loved ones just waiting with loving arms open wide when she crossed over. She spoke of it more than once.

She was so close to her 100th Birthday.
Part of me wishes she could have made it to see that day. But it was not meant to be and I am so very thankful for every day that we were all blessed with Irma on this earth and in our lives.

I miss you Grandma and love you always.

God had a true angel return to heaven on Monday. With a cowboy hat in place of a halo and a request for a good saddle horse rather than a pair of wings.
Now she truly can ride the wind...........

Lisa Hancock - 11/1/2011

Irma was such a nice lady to me when I was just a young girl showing Morgan Horses against her and Jerry, she taught many me things that really helped out. I know that she didn't remember me when I seen her around town these last few years but I would tell my children "That lady's name is Irma McGuire, she is an awesome lady" You will be missed Irma.

Carol Riser (Regan) - 11/2/2011

Irma ,was a very good friend of the Roy Weeks Family, Signed by Wanda, Kerrie, Hollis Weeks , rest in Peace.

Wanda Weeks Fender - 11/2/2011

Irma will be missed. When I was a small girl my grandfather used to take me to her ranch in Red Canyon and hunt. We always stopped by her home and would visit about her horses. She once told me I could have any horse on her ranch, except the beautiful black stallion, which of course was the one I always wanted.

She will be remembered fondly by many.

Barb Simmons (Westman)(Doane)

Barb Simmons - 11/2/2011

Happy trails, old friend, you will be dearly missed.

From the family of Katherine Liesch, Sharon and Allen Wilson and son Clint Boren.

Allen Wilson - 11/2/2011

Irma was a wonderful woman who taught us many things, especially about the Morgan horse. We are so happy that we got the chance to spend some time with her and her husband Jerry while we lived in Riverton. She will be truely missed. We have some wonderful memories of Irma. One is a trip to Red Canyon on horseback to Irma's favorite place. I am so blessed that we can proudly say that one of our Morgan mares came from Scarlet Hills,as well as a mare out of their beloved Topper. Irma had a memories of the Morgan horse that was never ending and always gave her opinion of the best ones. For the time we did spend with her can never be replaced. I do hope that she is with her family preceding her and her beloved horses. Ride for us all Irma. We love and miss you, but know that you are where you should be now.

Danyelle & Pat Pace - 11/3/2011

God's Blessings to the family, especially those within our Niobrara County family. May your memories keep you strong and help you through the days ahead.

The Gill family - 11/4/2011

I am so blessed to have known Irma since the 1950's and we have kept in touch all these years. I talked with her just a couple weeks ago. Rodney Stanbro, my husband, and I and another young couple, Vernon and Lois James drove out from Missouri and Kansas to hunt. We met the Hancocks, Irma and Sam and asked if we could pitch an old army surplus tent on their property. We were treated like "family" and allowed to put our tent in the orchard by the spring. Thus began a wonderful friendship that has spanned more than 50 years. One 17 inch snowy year Irma bedded us down around the stove in our sleeping bags...just like we were her kids. This was the special love and care we received every time we were there. One year we took Irma by car up in the mountains above Dubois. She said she would rather be on her horse than in a car. We had many happy times together. Rodney and I were able to visit Irma and Jerry two separate times after they moved to Shoshoni. After Rodney passed away in 2003, I was able to visit Irma in the summer of 2005 and also 2008. I cherish all the wonderful memories. This tribute is for my special friend Irma and to her daughter, Patsy and all the rest of the family and loved ones.

Joann Stanbro - 11/4/2011

I would like to pay a special tribute to Irma my dear friend of 50 years. My husband Rodney Stanbro and I along with Vernon and Lois James from Kansas and Missouri met Sam and Irma on the Scarlet Hills ranch. We were invited to camp in the orchard by the spring in 1959. So began our friendship with the Hancocks. We feel so privileged to have known such a loving and caring person as Irma. One snowy year when we could not set up camp, Irma took us into her house and bedded us down around the stove in our sleeping bags...just like "family". So words cannot convey all the love and caring that we have experienced through all these years in knowing Irma. We took Irma one year up above Dubois when it was snowing and she said she would feel better if she was on her Morgan than in a car. We are blessed to have been her friends. We visited a couple times when Irma and Jerry lived in Shoshoni. Rodney passed away in 2003 and my daughters took me to see Irma in 2005 and 2008. I am so glad that I called and talked to her just a few days ago. We will miss her very much

Joann Stanbro - 11/4/2011

Bill, Ada, Wanda and families,

What wonderful memories of the past years and activities you all shared! Irma was truly one of a kind.

Our heart felt sympathy are with you all.

In friendship,

Bob & Joanne Jeffres - 11/4/2011

God Bless your family, You have been a friend for many years Irma, from the Red Canyon to Riverton/Shoshoni. The Morgans I bought from you. It's hard to know that you are gone with all your Morgan stories, you knew them all. You had great ones. You helped me with my Morgans. We enjoyed our many visits with you. Your days are over but you will be in our heart for a long time. Prayer's

Dale & Ardiss Kunze Lander - 11/4/2011

To Irma's Family,
So sorry Irma passed away before reaching that 100-year milestone. Irma was a grand lady. I remember her and Jerry helping out our 4-H kids with the horse judging. Also when Irma took her beloved stallion to visit the nursing home where my mother was a patient. Sorry we were unable to attend the services.

Jerri & Buzz Robinson - 11/6/2011