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Wanda F. Range

Range, Wanda F.

We have Wanda's wisdom and loving presence in our memories every day. She was and remains our beacon in Al-Anon. The last time we talked she said she was ready to be with Ed. They both live on in the hearts and lives of so many people they have helped along the way. Our special love to Steve and Kurt in this time of their loss.

David & Karen Trudeau - 1/5/2012

Wanda was a friend of mine from Ashland WI. she & i were involved in Al-Alon. for years ,she was also my next store neighbor as well I missed her after she moved away , but we would exchange very long letters from one another.she would always tell me she missed my letters, but because it was hard for her to write, we would then talk to each other on the phone. she was a very caring, giving person . she helped alot of people. she will be sadly missed by all, you have my deepest condolence. i loved Wanda she was a great person & i will miss our phone conversations.

Linda Stone - 1/5/2012

Dear Chris & Family,

Wanda was a wonderful friend to me. She was so special & I loved her like my mother. When she started Alateen, my daughters loved her, too. Wanda set such a good example & she mentored me. She was always there for anyone in need & your parent's door was always open to help others. Now she is at peace and with Ed. I will deeply miss Wanda, but I have great memories. You have my deepest sympathy.

With Love,
Lloyd & Cindi Orensten & Family

Cindi Orensten - 1/5/2012

I want to give my love the Wanda's family. She was my step grandma but she is my grandma in my eyes. She was a wonderfull woman and I will trully miss her. She is a great woman and will be trully missed. I will just remember that she is watching over her family up with all the other loved.

Rebecca Stewart (McIlrath) - 1/5/2012

To the family of Wanda Range:

It is with sadness that we note the death of your mother. Both of your parents meant so much to both of us, and to so many others. They were pillars of recovery and were great examples of service. The coffee pot was always on at their home. They were part of the fabric of A.A./Alanon in Ashland and wherever they went. May God bless you as you go forward.

Duane & Betsy Koivisto
2532 1st Ave S # 104
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Duane & Betsy Koivisto - 1/5/2012

I was truly blessed to have Wanda in my life when I needed a grandma the most. She was my step grandma but she saw me as a granddaughter. I enjoyed visiting with her when we were up in Wyoming visiting my dad. I know that at times it will be hard to not have her around but she will always be in our hearts. She was a woman who was just waiting to wear her homemade angel wings my grandmother was preparing for her.

Katherine Frankis (McIlrath) - 1/5/2012

Dear Chris and Family,

I was truly saddened to hear about the passing of Wanda. For years as me and the girls came to visit their dad, I had a chance to get to know this wonderful lady. We would talk often and she taught me what a true Christian is all about. It is forgiving and accepting other's faults and understanding that we are all not perfect. She always had good words to say, and when her opinion was a difference of opinion from mine she found a way to make it a positive moment.

As she is heaven now, I know she will be happier and I pray you feel comfort during the coming days.

Mary Snow - 1/6/2012

Wanda was always encouraging to and was an important part of life when I lived in Ashland. She will be missed.

Dan Roe - 1/8/2012

We are so sorry to hear about Wanda, we are thinking about everyone at this time,Sending sympathy and lots of love,

Robert Croft, was a very very good friend of Wanda and Ed. they spent time with Robert and Barbara...

I am the daughter of Barbara, my name is Kathi Beesley, I knew them well, at one time I lived upstairs,, they were both wonderful people.

Kathi Beesley - 1/8/2012

I'm so sad to hear of the loss of Aunt Wanda. She was such a caring, loving woman with such resilience and strength. She was an extremely kind woman and will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to Chris, Steve and Kurt and your entire family!

Lisa Schirmers Sullivan - 1/9/2012