Georgine Lee

Lee, Georgine

Sharon, Sandy and Teresa
Cindi, Carmen and I wish we could be with the three of you today. You have always provided a comforting shoulder when we have been in need and we are so sorry we were unable to make it to Riverton to be with you.
Aunt Georgine was such an amazing lady. Her energy was infectious as was her laughter. She made everything from dancing to painting seem effortless. I remember thinking when I learned the definition of eclectic that it embodied my Aunt Georgine. She could take the most unlikely elements and create something unique and beautiful.
The last time I spoke with Aunt Georgine it was to seek advice. I had been asked to work with a number of Native American Nations. After the “oh, sweet heart,” she moved on to provide not only good advice for the challenge at hand but good advice for life. “Listen, respect, try to understand, do not judge and be patient.” We talked for over an hour and she shared a number of wonderful stories about your family’s early days in Riverton. As she laughed about her escapades, I couldn’t help to hear the laughter of generations – grandma’s, mom’s and ours.
I know our mothers struggled throughout their lives to conquer the fears that they lived with as children. But they gave us so many blessings – our love of work, our commitment to our families, our ability to face our fears and most importantly our ability to love and laugh. At times I would like to do away with the love to work… but it is part of all of us.
Please know that you are in my heart today as always. Love Carol
I am so sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful lady.
Dear Sharon, Sandi, and Teresa,

I know this day is so very hard and I wish we could be there with you, but you have been in our hearts and prayers. I have never known a time without Aunt Georgine, so I had no idea how big the hole in my heart would be when she wasn't there. I have been such a rolling stone, visiting all sorts of places in the world, but whether it was the Great Wall of China or the mountains of Thailand, I was always telling stories of my wonderful, indestructible, funny Aunt Georgine. These stories have been always a part of my life and fun. If it is true, one never truly dies as long as they are remembered, Aunt Georgine will live forever. I will always be telling stories of her outrageous spirit.

I do hope that in our busy, crazy life we can find time to celebrate our wonderful mothers together. I love you all. Cindius
My thoughts and pryers are with you during this difficult time.
Sharon, Sandie, and Teresa, you should be very proud of the way you took care of your mother in her last years. You are a role model for all of us with elderly parents.

Much love,
Celeste Fowkes Allen
May your hearts find comfort in knowing that Jehovah God loves us –Romans 5:8, Psalms 83:18, and his son, Jesus Christ promised one day soon, we will be reunited with our dear loved ones again here on earth. Elderly ones will return to their youthful vigor –Job 33:25 – John 5:28, 29 -Psalms 37:29. My deepest sympathy to the family for the loss of your dearly beloved one.
So sorry hear about your loss. Used to really enjoy working with Georgene.
Teresa and sisters,
I recall the 1st time I met your mother. I believe it was when we were in 1st grade when she substituted in our classroom a few times. She was vivacious, fun, but all business, as well. The look in those deep brown eyes let you know how she felt about your actions! She didn't cut her daughter, Terry Lee, any slack, either! At the time, I wondered if your mother had named you after a popular doll of that era--a Terry Lee doll. It is strange, the odd scraps of memory we can pull out at times like this--things we thought we'd forgotten long ago.
Over the years as we grew up, you mother's many accomplishments and good deeds were evident. She must have been the model for the energizer bunny because she seemed to be in constant motion. She and your dad knew how to have fun and seeing them, especially Georgine, cruising around town in the little white and turquoise Rambler Coupe was good for a smile. A lasting trademark for years!
You all have many great memories to last through the years ahead.
I would like to share an encouraging scripture from John 5:28,29. It is Jesus promise of a resurrection of our loved ones. I hope this brings you comfort at this time.
Our thoughts our with you during this difficult time.

Ron & Artis Bailey
So sorry to hear about your loss, Georgine was a great neighbor. Will miss her (watching her keeping the flowers in the alley growing was great)