Kevin E. Pasley, Sr.

Pasley, Sr., Kevin E.

We will miss all your silly jokes and your bold laugh. May Kevin's family know you all our in our thoughts and prayers.
Dear, Uncle Kevie
I never knew I could hurt like this, and everyday life goes on like I wish I could talk to you just one last time. I wish I could find a way not to cry, as time goes by. But I know you’ve reached a better place, but still id give the whole world to see your face just once more. It feels like your gone way too soon the hardest thing to do is say bye…I thought you were so strong you’d make it trough whatever, its so hard to accept the fact your gone forever. We will never have to say an official goodbye your soul still remains with us.
God took your love from me he needed an angel so it seems. We need you here with us, how could he take you away from us? I would’ve given you anything just to make you happy, just to hear you say you love me one last time, id go to hell and back over and over again just to prove you how much we need you here with us ,there is nothing I wouldn’t do, id cry for you, id lie for you, and there’s no doubt if I could take you place in heaven I would die for you, id rather give up my life then see yours taken.
We all love you uncle kevie (aka super keive) I hope you can rest in peace now and you can never go through the pain and suffering anymore

LOVE, Caitlin
Rest in Peace Kevin
Rest in Peace, Kevin. I wish your family comfort and peace in this troubled time of sorrow. With sympathy, Carla Marcus-Thomas
Was a good friend Neil work with him in the Oil field. He will always be a friend in our hearts Peace be with him.
Connie & Neil Ward
I went to High School With Kevin and I have fond memories of his quick wit and wonderful sense of humor. I am truly saddened by his loss.
I will miss Kevin imensely he was always my knight in shining armour. We shared laughter, and music. My heart goes out his family, Kevin was a wonderful man.