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Erika Antelope

Antelope, Erika

May her memory be eternal!

Fr Jim - 10/27/2020

????so sorry for your loss to the family. I grew up with her from grade school
my heart hurts for her kids. prayers ????

jme spoonhunter - 10/27/2020

R.I.P. to my dear cousin. Our mothers were some of the biggest party girls in Salt Lake and I’ll never forget all the times our mothers left us alone while they partied hard and left us with the food stamp cards that we maxed out lolol

Marcelino Rafael Hanway - 10/28/2020

Erika, my sweet friend. You made such an impact on my life in the short time I knew you. Your smile could break darkness, your laughter filled a room and your kindness was beyond beautiful. I am so glad our paths crossed and I was able to see you grow and learn to love life again. You’ll always hold a dear spot in my heart. Forever cherishing your friendship.
God Speed. Fly high angel ??????

Rachelle (Chicken Little) - 10/28/2020

I am so heartbroken right now. You were one of best friends growing up. I loved you and still love you so much. So many memories with you. You were such an amazing person. Though we haven’t seen each other in so many years, I can’t stop these tears from flowing. Rest easy. I love you Erika.

Amaya Flores - 10/29/2020

ALWAYS in my heart. I will never forget you and i will always remember the good times we had together and the last moments R.I.P

Honey Amos - 11/2/2020