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Betty Case

Case, Betty

Betty was such a great lady. Will miss her lively spirit!

Carol House - 7/25/2021

A friend and mentor years ago via Wyoming Writers, Betty inspired others to develop their own creativity. She certainly illustrated that age is no deterrent to remaining productive to the end. Perhaps she is preparing her next column in the sky...

Sharon Bryant - 7/26/2021

Betty, and Ned, we’re such a pleasure to know and I feel very privileged to be a part of their extended family. I’d love the times that Barbara, Woody, Leonard and I would go visit them or they would come visit us. I also love to listen to her stories. Betty was a remarkable woman and touched many, many lives. Heaven is definitely a brighter place now.

Daria Wood - 7/30/2021

We got to know Ned and Betty when they lived on their farm outside of Pavillion. We went to the little Methodist Church together when Maggie Kahin was the minister and attended Ring Lake Ranch in the Spring to help with opening it for summer guests. Betty was a lovely lady and will be missed.

Martha Blankenship - 7/31/2021