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Wayne  Brown

Brown, Wayne

Journey well Grandpa Wayne and our condolences for Grandma Connie and Auntie's. Prayers and thoughts for the family. God bless and may the creator watch over our family in this time of mourning.

Bryan Brown - 5/17/2022

he was a good uncle and father to all his relations. he will be sadly missed by alot of people.

yolanda rose behan bryan gould - 5/18/2022

Sending Prayers and condolences for Connie. Children and grandchildren. Wayne was a great provider and family man and always took care snd provided for his family as a great Arapaho man. Take care.

Cindy Washakie - 5/18/2022

Condolences to Connie and family. He was a good friend to my father back in the day. He was a thoughtful, respectful, and kind man. I admired him for always being a family man. Most of all for the many many years he maintained sobriety. That showed his true resolve. Admirable. A quiet man with a heart of gold. He will be missed.

Valaira Whiteman - 5/18/2022

Journey well uncle. Hohou for being the man you were, always respected you to the fullest. My condolences to the family. God bless

J.J. Blackburn - 5/18/2022

A wonderful man, a library of history. My prayers for his family. Rest well Sir

Darlene Keldsen - 5/18/2022

Awwwww hugs and prayers to everyone! Uncle Wayne was such a great Arapaho man!! An Uncle to everyone!?? He set such a great example! Honorable and took great care of his family! Biixoo3e3en! ??

Darnice Lonebear - 5/20/2022

May his memory be eternal!

Fr Jim - 5/20/2022

My sincere condolences! Sending lots of love, strength and comfort to y'all.. Love you RIP Wayne fly high

Brooke Betancourt - 5/20/2022