Peter J. Barton

Barton, Peter J.

my deepest sympathy's to all the barton family; pete was an outstanding man and a friend, whom i will miss as all his family does.
My heart goes out to the Barton family for their loss. I know that he will be in good company up there and with old friends waiting to greet him with good stories and lots of laughs. Heaven needed another good man!
We are so sorry for your loss. PJ was a special person, nobody had a sense of humor like Pete. Rich and Pete grew up together. He always had some good stories to tell me of what they did growing up. He will be missed by many. You could always tell when PJ was around, you could hear him and his big laugh. He was a good friend.
I am so sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of the Christmas, Thanksgivings and summer visits spent with Pete and his family as the boys were growing up. I am certain that his children will carry on his wonderful legacy as Pete smiles down on them.

I have such wonderful memories of the holidays we as a family spent together as I watched my young grandsons grow with Pete's love. I remember with a smile the Yellowstone pack trip and winter snow machining we all did together. Pete will be missed by his friends and family. God Bless him!

Judie Erickson and John Church

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family we are sorry for your lo
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family we are sorry for your loss
PJ and Travis- We are so very sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Make the memory of your dad proud and carry on the roads that you are traveling now.

The Rich Weliever family
Peter will be surely missed by the class of 67.

My sympathy to the Barton family for your loss.

Pete was truly one of a kind. He was a horse packer, contractor, story teller, and a great camp cook who liked to cook over the coals of an open fire. And he was never shy about sharing his opinion. You usually knew where you stood with Pete.

I will always have fond memories of poker games, pack trips and family camp outs.Alex Wolfer
Pete had such a zest for life; even at an early age. He was mischievious, fun-loving, yet kind. Memories of the county fair come to mind: he was proud of his little black 4-H heifer and an opportunity to have his own livestock. A charter member of the annual county fair water-fight gang, we looked forward to that event each summer. Good, clean fun when life was simpler!
Life events have a way of molding and sometimes hardening each of us. Pete rolled with the punches, laughing off those he could. Being a big bear, with a soft heart, he gave much to many, yet some may only recall the deep wounds which became bitterness. His friends and family will forgive him that and remember him the way he deserves to be remembered... a kind, generous friend and father (a bit rough at the edges) who knew how to have and share a good time. The "other side" is bound to be livelier with Pete on board...and that deep laugh echos in our memories.
Dearest Barton Family, I have such great memories of your father. The laughing,the story telling and a few beers alone the way didnt hurt eather. your dad was a good guy and you always new where you stood with him.I will keep your family in our prayers. Give hell Pete where ever you are!!!!

Your friends Craig and Glenda Saxby.
Dear family members.
We were sorry to hear of Pete's death. My brother and I have such fond memories of growing up next door to Pete, all the fun and trouble we managed to enjoy. Pete was part of our family and my "second brother". This time of year I always remember scavaging the neighborhood for pop bottles so we'de have cash to buy bottle rockets at the stand over on the highway! We have many wonderful stories of our shenannigans with Pete always along for the ride or leading the way. Our thoughts are with you, Gail and Kemper Sackman
To all the Barton family
No one else can truly feel the sorrow that you bear, But may it help somehow today to know that others care, And may it help to ease your loss and bring some comfort, too, to know that many thoughts are there in sympathy with you.

To PJ..The last time I saw you, you were flying over the field waving down to Richard & GOD has wings for will be safer.
Barbara (Warren) Carr
I was so sorry to hear of Pete's passing and my thoughts and prayers go out to the Barton Family. We are all going to miss him; never a dull moment when Pete was around. St. Peter probably was dressed in his No. 77 Lyle Alzado jersey when he welcomed Pete into the ultimate Raider Nation. Thanks for all the good memories, Pete.